Second Station of the Program "A Hope is Born!", The Central Tzoumerka Municipality - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
Second Station of the Program “A Hope is Born!”, The Central Tzoumerka Municipality

The YIOTIS Corporate Social Responsibility Program started dynamically in 2019. “A hope is born!” For the reduction of low birth rate, through which YIOTIS SA ” adopts”, for 4 years, 90 remote villages of Greece, Arta, Evrytania, Fokida, Fthiotida and Evia.

The second station of the Program, implemented in cooperation with the non-profit company HOPEgenesis, was the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, in Arta. The program was presented on Thursday 24 January in the amphitheater of Vourgareli village, in the framework of an open event. The Deputy Regional Governor, Regional Co-ordinator of Welfare, Social Cohesion, Solidarity, Volunteerism, Mrs. Panagiota Mitrokosta, Mayor of Central Tzoumerka, Mr. Marinos Garneles , YIOTIS S.A. and HOPEgenesis executives, representatives of local bodies and the media, as well as many stakeholders for the program participated in the event.

Through the Program YIOTIS S.A. has adopted the 22 villages of the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka: Vourgareli, Athamanio, Anemorahi, Distrato, Kato Athamanio, Kato Kalentini, Kapsala, Kentriko, Kipseli, Mesounda, Paleokatouno, Tetrakomo, Agnanta, Grekiko, Katarraktis, Koukoulia, Ktistades Lepiana, Mikrospilia, Ramia, Theodoriana and Melissurgoi.

YIOTIS S.A., in collaboration with HOPEgenesis, will stand next to the village-resident women who have adopted and wish to become mothers. In particular, for the women who will be included in the program, on the sole basis of being permanent residents of these areas, they will cover all the costs of attending their pregnancy, antenatal and maternity trials, as well as all transportation and hospitality expenses. In addition, YIOTIS S.A. will cover the needs of infant food for babies born in the “adopted” villages for the first two years of their lives.

During the event, Mayor of Central Tzoumerka, Mr. Marinos Garnelis said: “We are very happy to welcome the YIOTIS Social Responsibility Program that will support the new births in our country. Thanks to YIOTIS SA and HOPEgenesis, that with the program “A hope is born!”, arrived to our villages, bringing with them the promise of a new life. We believe that in the present state of Greece, in terms of low birth rates, the above program is of great importance.”

The Commercial Director of YIOTIS S.A. Mr. Marios Papathanassiou said: “For the past 89 years, YIOTIS S.A. has supported mother and family and could not be indifferent to the problem of the low birth rate that our country faces, especially in the most remote areas because of the more difficult prevailing conditions. That is why we launched the project “A hope is born!”, in collaboration with HOPEgenesis, aiming to support women who want to have children and to send the optimistic message for the creation of a new life in our country. The Municipality of Central Tzoumerka with its 22 villages is the second stop of our Program and we will continue with our travels in other areas of the Program to help with all our efforts to overturn the statistics that threaten our future.

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