The YIOTIS S.A. CSR program "A Hope is Born!" celebrates its first anniversary. The first 10 babies have already been born! - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
The YIOTIS S.A. CSR program “A Hope is Born!” celebrates its first anniversary. The first 10 babies have already been born!

The YIOTIS S.A. Corporate Social Responsibility Program “A Hope is Born!” has concluded the first year of its successful implementation, in collaboration with the civil non-profit organization HOPEgenesis. The program is being implemented in 90 remote villages of the Greek mainland, and aims to contribute to the reduction of the low birth rates that constitute a serious threat to the demographic future of the country.

Under the four-year “A Hope is Born!” program, YIOTIS S.A. has “adopted” 90 local communities/villages, in areas where access to obstetric and gynaecological services is limited. The initiative is aimed at women who are permanent residents of these areas and want to have children, but are hesitant to do so, specifically due to these objective difficulties. Through the “A Hope is Born!” program, and in collaboration with the scientific staff at HOPEgenesis, the JOTIS Company is taking on the care of these women, from the beginning of the pregnancy through to birth. Specifically, the company covers all pregnancy screening costs, prenatal and childbirth examinations, transportation and accommodation costs, as well as the baby food needs of the babies born under the program, for the first two years of their lives.

Today, just one year after its inception, the first 10 babies have already been born. The babies were born in the villages of Katarraktis and Paleokatouno in the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, Agios Nikolaos, Agia Triada, Stenoma, Megalo Chorio and Mikro Chorio in the Municipality of Karpenisi, in Pavliani in the Municipality of Lamia and in Agios Georgios Tymfristou in the Municipality of Makrakomi.

YIOTIS S.A.’s support of the family and motherhood, both in general terms and specifically in cases of great social and national need, has, for almost 90 years, constituted one of the highest priorities and main goals of the company’s activities “, said the Commercial Director of YIOTIS S.A., Mr. Marios Papathanasiou, and added: “Within the current context of the dangerously low birth rates in our country, we welcome with great joy “our” first babies “, which essentially signal the birth of hope in our country, and it is our sincere wish, that in the next 3 years, our ‘A Hope is Born!’ program will go on to welcome many more! “.

For more information about the “A Hope is Born!” program and the participation conditions, please contact Ms. Eva Papadaki at HOPEgenesis, tel.: 210 6455353.,

 A few words about HOPEgenesis

HOPEgenesis is a civil non-profit organization founded in 2015 with the aim of reversing the low fertility trend that has plagued Greece in recent years, by undertaking the financial support of women who live on the country’s remote islands and in isolated mainland villages, and wish to have children in the future or are already pregnant. Since 2015, it has benefited more than 260 families, residents of remote areas with very low or even zero birth rates or a negative birth death balance. 354 areas have joined the HOPEgenesis program, of which 317 are remote mainland villages and 37 are remote Greek islands. In addition, HOPEgenesis provides infertility treatment services on 28 islands, in collaboration with major Greek fertility clinics, aiming to meet the needs of women who wish to become pregnant but are experiencing fertility problems. At the same time, the organization is active in its efforts to inform, raise awareness and train institutions regarding this major demographic problem, through continuous implementation of research in collaboration with leading academic institutions as well as through conducting relevant presentations across Greece.

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