YIOTIS S.A. continues the Program "A hope is born!" contributing to the fight against birth deficit - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
YIOTIS S.A. continues the Program “A hope is born!” contributing to the fight against birth deficit

YIOTIS Company, always next to the Greek family, continues the Corporate Social Responsibility Program “A hope is born!”, Which is implemented in 90 remote mainland villages of our country, in collaboration with the Non-Profit Company HOPEgenesis. The aim of this nationally important initiative is to reduce the birth deficit, which has become a serious threat to the demographic future of our country. Two years after the establishment of the Program, the first births have already taken place, which is a message of optimism and hope for the future!

The Program “A hope is born!” develops in areas where residents’ access to health services is limited, discouraging women from getting pregnant. In collaboration with the scientific staff of HOPEgenesis, the YIOTIS Company undertakes the care and expenses of these women throughout the pregnancy until the birth, as well as the needs for baby food of the babies that will be born through the program, for the first two years of their lives. To date, the company has allocated for these needs 68.500 portions of baby milk meals and baby cereals. Also, representatives of YIOTIS Company and HOPEgenesis have made 5 trips to the Central Municipalities of the areas that have been “adopted” by YIOTIS S.A., for the personal information of the residents and the local bodies, in the context of local events.

“We continue our Program dynamically and steadily, as the support of the Greek family is still the highest debt and responsibility for us”, said the Commercial Director of YIOTIS S.A., Mr. Marios Papathanassiou. “The results from the first two years of implementation of our Program” A hope is born! ” prove that with effort and responsibility, the current statistics on the annual number of births in Greece can be improved and they are a valid reason for fighting against the low birth rate and the rebirth of these isolated areas “.

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