YIOTIS S.A. runs the "A hope is born!” Programme for the 5th year - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
YIOTIS S.A. runs the “A hope is born!” Programme for the 5th year

The innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Programme “A hope is born!” is now in its 5th year. Under the programme YIOTIS S.A. encourages births in remote mainland areas of Greece.

YIOTIS S.A. launched the “A hope is born!” initiative in November 2018 to provide ongoing support to Greek families and society and to tackle a major social and national issue. YIOTIS S.A.‘s programme seeks to help reduce the low birth rate which will create a demographic impasse for Greece if it continues. It supports women who dream of becoming mothers in those areas, covering the cost of prenatal screening and childbirth. Baby foods are also provided to babies born under the initiative for the first two years of their life.

YIOTIS S.A. collaborates with the civil not-for-profit association HOPEgenesis, which is intensively involved in combating low birth rates, in both planning and implementation of the programme. The programme is being implemented in 90 villages in the regions of Sterea Ellada and Epirus and in particular in the Regional Units of Arta, Evrytania, Fokida, Fthiotida and Evia, in 14 municipal units of the Municipalities of Central Tzoumerka, Karpenisi, Dorida, Lamia, Makrakomi and Karystos respectively. The common denominator between these remote villages is that they had a negative ratio of births to deaths. Now thanks to the births which occurred as part of the programme, those percentages have begun to reverse and a hope is born. It is worth noting that many families have already had a second baby as part of the programme! To date the company has also provided more than 150,000 meals of JOTIS baby milk and cream. 

YIOTIS S.A. will continue to support births in Greece via the “A hope is born!” programme.

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