14 local communities of the Municipalities of Makrakomi and Lamia joined the anti-inferiority program "A Hope Is Born!" by YIOTIS S.A. - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
14 local communities of the Municipalities of Makrakomi and Lamia joined the anti-inferiority program “A Hope Is Born!” by YIOTIS S.A.

The program is implemented in collaboration with the non-profit organization HOPEgenesis.

At an open event held on Friday, February 22, in Agios Georgios Tymfristos, the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of JOTIS SA “A hope is born!” was presented, in a great mobilization to reduce the low birth rate. YIOTIS SA “adopts” 90 remote villages of Epirus and Sterea Hellas, among them the 14 local communities of the Municipalities of Aghios Georgios Timfristos and Timfristos, of the Municipality of Makrakomi and Pavliani of the Municipality of Lamia. The event was attended by the Regional Executive Director of Entrepreneurship, Extraversion & Development Programming of the Region of Sterea Ellada, Mr. Themis Heimaras, Mayor of Makrakomi, Mr. Efthimios Papafetimiou and Deputy Mayor. of Agios Georgios Tymfristos and Timfristos, Mr. Lambros Theodossopoulos, YIOTIS SA’ s Communications and Social Media Director, Mrs. Olympia Vagiona and Mrs. Eva Niki Papadaki and Maria Ganouris from HOPEgenesis, representatives of local media as well as many locals interested in the program.

Within the framework of the Program, which is implemented in cooperation with the HOPEgenesis Non-Profit Company, YIOTIS SA is committed to standing next to women who want to become mothers, with the sole requirement of being permanent residents of the “adopted” regions. In particular, it undertakes to cover all costs of attending pregnancy, antenatal examinations, childbirth, as well as all transportation and hospitality expenses. In addition, YIOTIS SA covers the baby’s baby food needs for the first two years of their life.

During the presentation, the Mayor of Makrakomi, Mr. Papafetimiou stressed: “We are all very conscious of what it means for a place, its population aging and not renewing. That’s why we welcome the program “A hope is born!” And we thank YIOTIS SA and HOPEgenesis that have organized such an important action for a truly huge issue of our country, such as low birth rate, calling for an urgent solution”.

YIOTIS’ s Company Communications and Social Media Director Mrs. Olympia Vagiona said: “For the past 89 years, YIOTIS SA has been supporting mother and family and could not remain indifferent to the problem of low births in our country, especially in the most remote areas, due to the more difficult conditions prevailing. The program “A hope is born!” ‘visited today its third station, in the municipalities of Makrakomi and Lamia, and we are here along with HOPEgenesis to support women wishing to have children in the real hope of welcoming soon together, the joy of new life!”.

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