The Municipality of Vardoussia in Dorida is the 4th information program of "A hope is born!” initiative - Μια ελπίδα γεννιέται!

In collaboration with hopegenesis
The Municipality of Vardoussia in Dorida is the 4th information program of “A hope is born!” initiative

The Municipal Section of Vardoussia of the Municipality of Dorida, YIOTIS SA and the non-profit company HOPEgenesis, visited on March 27 & 28, for the presentation of the program against the low birth rates in Greece “A hope is born!”, which includes 13 local communities. Krokilio, Aplochori, Artotina, Dichori, Zoriano, Kerasia, Kokkino, Koypaki, Kriatchi, Pentayioi, Perivoli, Tristeno and Ipsilo Chorio.

This is a major mobilization of the YIOTIS company, which in the framework of the Program has “adopted” 90 villages in remote areas, encouraging women-residents to become mothers and thus giving life to the Greek region that is plagued even more by low birth rates.  YIOTIS S.A. supports these women by assuming all the costs of attending their pregnancy, antenatal examinations, childbirth, as well as all transportation and hospitality expenses. In addition, it covers baby food of the baby that will be born in these villages for the first two years of their lives.


During the 4th round trip in the 13 villages of Vardousia, representatives of YIOTIS S.A. and HOPEgenesis, presented the Program to the residents and how they can join. The Mayor of the Municipality of Dorida, Mr. George Kapentzonis stressed the acidity of the problem of low birth rates in the area and concluded: “For the inhabitants of distant, inaccessible areas, such as ours, it is very important and optimistic to give such a big hand of help, will help to stop seeing our place getting older at such a pace. We thank YIOTIS S.A. and HOPEgenesis for the program “A hope is born!”, filling us with hope and smiles”.


Mrs. Olympia Vagiona, Communications and Social Media Diector, said: “We have arrived hopefully at the 4th station of the program” A Hope is Born “, in Vardousia, in a truly beautiful area and it is a great pleasure for us we can bring realistic hopes for its regeneration. We all know that the problem of birth deficit has taken on a large dimension in our country and is a major national issue for which YIOTIS S.A. – which has supported the Greek family for 89 years – could not be indifferent. We are here, together with HOPEgenesis, to stand by the side of women wishing to have children, to share their concerns and to celebrate their joy!”.

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